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Project title and description

Supporting Exports of International Creative Team’s Services: Australia-Korea remote teamwork

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, architecture and design practices have faced a significant challenge in the need for successful collaboration without any physical contact between ‘creative industry’ people in different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Due to this rapid digital transformation of communication, remote Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) has become core to the cognitive and communicative operations of creative teams in Australia and South Korea.

This project seeks to understand and overcome the emerging challenges of working in remote, bilingual creative teams, leading to opportunities for Australian and Korean designers and industries. Through intensive cognitive experiments using cloud-based CSCW technologies, combining cognitive analytic methods with cross-linguistic approaches, this project advances knowledge about the challenges and opportunities of remote design collaboration.

Educational, professional and industrial partnerships developed in the project will support creative and strategic links across both countries. By developing a guide or recommendations for cross-national teamwork, this project will advance the skills of the creative workforce for effectively engaging with architectural and design industries across the Australia-Korea region. Through this work, this project seeks to support, promote and grow the creative industries, building their sustainable and creative capital and multi-national connections.

Funding body

This project is funded by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)/Australia-Korea Foundation (AKF) & UNSW Sydney (Scientia Program)

Principal Participants

Assoc. Prof. Ju Hyun Lee
(주현 이)
Prof. Michael J. Ostwald
(마이클 J 오스트왈드)
Assoc. Prof. Lan Ding
(랜 딩)
Assoc. Prof. Dijana Alic
(디아나 알릭)

Project Partners

Prof Mi Jeong Kim
at Hanyang Univ.

Prof Jeong-Hwa Song
at Namseoul Univ.

A/Prof Jin-Kook Lee
at Yonsei Univ.

A/Prof MinJung Cho
at Inha Univ.

A/Prof Sung Jun Park
at Keimyung Univ.


Prof Mark Taylor (마크 테일러) at Swinburne Univ.

A/Prof Willy Sher (윌리 셔)at the Univ. of Newcastle